Our Mission: "To provide the best of technical skills, professional ethics and human values"

Our Vision: "To become a centre for excellence in the field of technical education and research"

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Campus Life

Center for Excellence

Silicon defines the concept in a different way. To arrive at excellence, Silicon feels is a difficult but possible job if each student strives to acquire the right amount of core subject competence with the right command on soft skills. Students are made to acquire both the hard as well as soft skills and make an ideal combination of the two. Silicon provides regular training to students through its various programmes where they learn public speaking, involvement, self-expression, goal setting, team work, community living and sportsmanship.


State-of-the-art sport facilities, gymnasium, indoor stadium, well furnished courts, of the institution support out-door games and indoor games like Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Badminton, Volleyball, Football etc., Sufficient sports material and kits facilitate sports activities. The expertise coaching in specialized games and Sports also help the students in enhancing their sports skills.

Hostel Annual Function

The Institution has satisfactory residence facility separately for boys & girls inside the campus. These hostels can accommodate 600 boys and 420 girls. Silicon Residences have an ideal environment for study since they are located inside the campus and away from the disturbances and noise of the city. All rooms in the hostel are 3-bedded. There are three dormitory rooms of 30 bed capacity.

Health - Blood Donation Camp

Medical facilities are provided for the “residents” of Silicon. Specialist doctors visit the campus twice a week as part of the regular check-up. General health check up for staff members are organized twice a year. There is a resident and pharmacist and a nurse living in the campus for the first aid treatment