Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar became the ISTE Institutional member in the year 2006.Silicon ISTE STUDENT CHAPTER was established in September 2008 and continued till date with 1000+ Student members. Silicon ISTE FACULTY CHAPTER was started with 64 staff memberships and continued till date. The purpose of this site is to inform its members with all the details of ISTE Students and Staff chapter. Every year ISTE Student chapter conducts various events such as Tech-o-Meter, workshops, seminars, Industrial visits, Technical Events, etc. to assist students for updating their technical knowledge. ISTE student chapter also conduct various non technical events for improving overall personality of students. Using these web page members will be able to know the complete activities taking place in the campus of Silicon under ISTE Chapter and also the concerned staff’s contact details, who are involved in such activities.