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Course Coordinator

Prof. Samaleswari Prasad Nayak

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Course Coordinator

Prof. Suchismita Rout

Brief Description of the course:

The aim of this summer course is to provide a discussion forum for students of all disciplines to gain knowledge, experience and to discuss the new ideas in the area of programming in ‘C++’.

Course Content:

1- Introduction to OOPs.

2- C++ in depth.

3- Placement oriented output questions.

4- Lab sessions.

5- Program practice test.

Who should attend?
All students
Pre-requisite for the Course:
Programming in C
Resource persons:
1- Prof. Samaleswari Prasad Nayak
2- Prof. Suchismita Rout
Course Outcome:

The main objective of this summer course is to make the participant fundamentally strong, acquainted with the emerging techniques in the field of C++ programming and make them confident to crack any type of interview in C++.


10 Days (7 hours per Day)


20th May 2017 to 31st May 2017

Course Fee

₹ 3000