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Course Coordinator

Dr. Prakash Kumar Rout

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Course Coordinator

Prof. Debasish Nayak

Brief Description of the course:

This Course deals with Basic theory of Analog and mixed signal circuits, design principles and techniques for implementation of analog and mixed signal IC blocks in CMOS technology. Although analog design appears to be much less systematic than its digital counterpart, this course will try to instill some idea of good design principles to simplify the process.

Course Content:

1- Introduction to Analog VLSI issues in CMOS technologies.

2- Basic MOS models.

3- SPICE Models and frequency dependent parameters.

4- Basic NMOS/CMOS gain stage, cascade and cascode circuits.

5- Frequency response, stability and noise issues in amplifiers.

6- CMOS analog blocks: Current Sources and Voltage references, Current mirror circuit, Differential amplifier, and OPAMPs’ design, LC-VCO, PLL.

Who should attend?
AEI, EEE, ECE (6th Semester Students)
Pre-requisite for the Course:
Knowledge of Basic Electronics and Analog Electronic Circuits
Resource persons:
1- Dr. Prakash Kumar Rout
2- Dr. Umakanta Nanda
3- Prof. Debasish Nayak
4- Prof. Sushant Kumar Pattnaik
5- Prof. Aradhana Raju
6- Prof. Dhananjaya Tripathy
Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this course students will be able to know the design issues related to Analog and Mixed signal circuit designs and how to overcome them. This knowledge will help them to crack the interviews conducted by VLSI companies like Sankalp Semiconductor, Semtech, Soctronics and Texas Instruments.


8 Days (6hrs per day)


19th May 2017 to 27th May 2017

Course Fee:

₹ 3000