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Course Coordinator

Prof. Seema Behera

Brief Description of the course:

Basics of theory and practice of photovoltaic (PV) system and its balance of system (BOS). Hands on practice for sizing, load calculation will be done.Lab experimental verification, Smart app based visualization, modeling, real time operation, online monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting with case studies will be the major part of the course. Information on PV based project development, employment opportunity and entrepreneurship development will be an added benefit for the participants.

Course Content:

This content gives the broad headings not the detailed description.

1- Basics of PV system technology & BOS.

2- Design of solar systems, components and load calculation.

3- Experimental verification of PV system performance under different scenarios and Smart app based visualization of PV characteristics.

4- PV system Sizing with Techno-economic consideration (On-grid and Off- grid system).

5- Real Time operation, Computerized Monitoring& Online Visualization, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Safety of PV system.

6- Brief on Employment opportunity and entrepreneurship development in solar industry.

Who should attend?
1- Students
2- Faculty members
3- Industry Professionals
Resource persons:
1. Prof. Seema Behera
2. Experts from solar industry
3. Prof. (Dr.) R.P. Panda
4. Prof. Dipak Ranjan Nayak
5. Prof. M. Bikash K. Sahoo
Course Outcome:

The course will help students, industry personnel, academicians to bridge the gap between theory and practice of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. At the end of the course the participants will be equipped with the theory of solar PV with its balance of system (BOS).The participants will learn about real time sizing of PV systems with economic consideration. Knowledge of real time operation, maintenance & troubleshooting of PV systems by industry experts will help students to seek employment in solar industry. This course will also help industry personnel gain technical know- how of solar systems for their in-house installation. This course will also give students and researchers sufficient pre-requisite required for their solar based hardware projects.


7 Days(5hrs per day)


22nd May to 28th May 2017

Course Fee:

₹ 3000