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Course Coordinator

Dr. Ramaprasad Panda

Brief Description of the course:

Dynamics of typical electrical power system changes continuously to keep the balance between loads and generation. In addition, generators, lines & loads are switched in & out at regular intervals giving rise to over voltage & over current. Equipment in a power system is designed with a certain margin to withstand normal over voltage & current. But they cannot be subjected to extreme voltage & current. Protection is to be provided to protect the equipment from system faults & over voltage. The analysis of the system can cover disturbances ranging from few cycles to couple of minutes and may have to deal with a range of frequency. In case of a system which is not properly designed or protected we could have catastrophes like

• Transformer windings may get deformed and burnt

• The forces may be so high that circuit breakers may implode, Insulators may shatter, the equipment like CTs and CVTs /PTs may explode, conductors may snap and entire sub station may be on fire.

• Utilization equipment like Motors, Power Capacitors, and Power Electronic Equipment may get damaged.

• Every equipment connected with power supply is susceptible for damage depending on the nature of fault and working of its isolation.

• Effects on other running equipment whenever a load is suddenly added or thrown off in the system.

• Harmonic Voltages & Currents affecting the system components and their control. It is very essential that we know the above mentioned behavior of the system well in advance so that corrective measures can be planned and implemented accordingly. This requires an integrated network approach and cannot be studied on case-to-case basis because systems are inter-connected and abnormality in one section affects the system and equipment in the other sections.

This is the reason why system study is done to take care of impending problems and the study is repeated as and when some major changes are contemplated in the system. ABOUT MiPower: MiPower is a highly interactive, user-friendly windows based Power System Analysis package. It includes a set of modules for performing a wide range of power system design and analysis study. MiPower features include a top notch Windows GUI with centralized database. Steady state, transient and electro-magnetic transient analysis can be performed with utmost accuracy and tolerance.

Course Content:

• Explanation of concepts by experts in power system area using video projector

• Computer aided case studies based on practical systems that illustrate the concepts Areas on which studies is be done

• Load flow Analysis

• Short Circuits Analysis

• Transient Stability Study

• Voltage Instability Analysis

• Harmonic Analysis

• Dynamic Stability Analysis

Who should attend?
EEE (6th Semester Students)
Resource persons:
1- Dr. Ramaprasad Panda
2- Dr. R. K Swain
3- Prof. L N Pathy
Pre-requisite for the Course:
Power system Analysis & Control
Course Outcome:

At the end of the course the participants will have an clear understanding about the practical challenges faced by integrated power system and how to do the offline analysis of such problems such that suitable mechanism can be put in place for efficient and reliable operation of a power system.


6 Days (5hrs per day)


18th May to 23rd May 2017

Course Fee:

₹ 2000