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Course Coordinator

Prof. Lopamudra Mitra

Brief Description of the course:

An approach towards realization of physical phenomena of Engineering using PSIM & MATLAB. The basic objective of the course is to enable the students to learn programming as well as simulation. MATLAB was designed to facilitate the representation of certain numerical problems - particularly those that involve linear algebra (hence is name, Matrix Laboratory); hence, many engineering problems that involve vectors, matrices, and tensors can be intuitively expressed with its syntax. MATLAB is a de facto standard in industry and academia; scientists and engineers can leverage their familiarity with the software in numerous professional and research contexts. Powersim (PSIM) is another software tool which is specialized in electrical/electronics engineering simulation and has design tools for research and product development in power supplies, motor drives, and power conversion and control systems. Both of these tools will also enable the students to carry out their final year projects.

Course Content:

An approach towards realization of physical phenomena of Engineering using PSIM & MATLAB.


• Simulation of circuits of Basic Electrical and Electronics


• Realization of Network Theorems and analysis using PSIM, MATLAB SIMULINK & PROGRAMMING


• Design of Controllers using MATLAB CONTROL SYSTEM TOOL BOX


• Simulation and Modeling of Electrical Machines


• Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronics & Renewable Energy Systems

Who should attend?
EEE, AEI, ECE (4th and 6th Semester Students)
Resource persons:

1- Prof. Lopamudra Mitra

2- Prof. Sachin Das

3- Prof. Nibedita Swain

4- Prof. Sadhana Mallick

5- Prof. Nibedita Pati

6- Prof. M. Bikash Sahoo

7- Prof. Gyanaranjan Biswal

Pre-requisite for the Course:
Knowledge of Basic Electrical & Electronics, Network Theorems, Control Systems, Electrical Machines
Course Outcome:

Students will learn the basics of MATLAB & PSIM software: Programming & Simulations; its application to Engineering problems and which will enable the students in the project work of final year.


5 Days (4hrs per day)


27th May to 1st June 2017

Course Fee:

₹ 1000