Questionnaire - Alumni Survey

The Silicon Institute of Technology (Silicon) is always striving for improvements. Over the years, opinion / feedback of our graduates has been one of the most valuable resources. We would greatly appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes to complete the survey below about your educational experience at Silicon Institute of Technology. The information provided by you will significantly aid us in developing the future direction of our B.Tech. /M.Tech./MCA programs. The time needed to answer this survey is estimated at less than 10 minutes. Please answer honestly and accurately the following questions. If you think, you are unable to answer a question, or a question is not applicable to your program of study, you may always tick the "No Comments" choice.

Section 1. Please fill out the following personal information about yourself

(If you pursued more than one degree, please give data for most recent one)
Bhubaneswar Sambalpur
Engineering position in my degree of study
Engineering position outside my field of study
Employed in non-engineering position
Enrolled in an advanced degree/diploma.
Employed in family enterprise

Section 2. Educational Experience at Silicon

As an engineering professional, do you feel that your education at Silicon has helped you develop your ability to: Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree No Comments
Prepare for professional career / advanced degree.
Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals in professional technical career / advanced degree.
Apply technical knowledge to advance your career and serve community.
Identify and define technical requirements appropriate for real world problems.
Design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data.
Apply problem solving skills to advance your career and serve community.
Apply skills needed in professional practice (such as analysis, problem solving, design etc.)
Master engineering fundamentals required to serve as a practicing engineer or pursue higher study.
Effectively use written communication skills including writing technical/non-technical reports and design documentations.
Effectively use oral communication and soft skills including making proper presentations.
Work in teams / groups to pursue common goals.
Understand ethical responsibilities and resolve ethical dilemmas in professional career.
Use modern engineering tools for professional practice.
Adapt to or learn new technologies.
Understand contemporary issues and professional responsibility.
Engage in life-long learning to keep abreast of new developments in your field of practice or study.

Section 3. Comments / Suggestions

Please feel free to comment on the program and its graduates in terms of their professional qualities and on any specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. Also, please feel free to suggest improvements to our programs of study.