Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Silicon Entrepreneurship Development Cell came into existence in the year 2011 with a view to encourge students to consider self employment as a career option and to provide training in entrepreneurship through modular courses. Since its inception ED-Cell has been actively working to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in its students.The main focus of the cell is to develop entrepreneurial motivation, behavioral skills and competencies and enterprise management abilities of the students.The advisory board of the Cell has representatives from MSME, DIC, SIDBI, NABARD and EDI, who extend all their support in the functioning of the Cell. ED Cell primarily functions in three areas i.e. awareness, training and guidance and this is a continuous process which continues throughout the year. After conducting few awareness camps when we feel that students are ready for the next level of hand holding, we identify few students who have the entrepreneurial quality and provide extensive training with the help of experts so that they feel confident to start their own enterprise. Recently we have got the permission to establish a Business Incubator in the institute which will help us to enhance Entrepreneurial culture and to promote the objectives of MSME (Govt. of India).


  • To train and motivate students to take entrepreneurship as a career.
  • To create an environment for innovation and self emploment through formal and non-formal programs.
  • To support continual education needs of students in areas of technology and management
  • To train students to work as intrapreneurs in their professional career later.


  • Stage-1-To create awareness among students through Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp and Expert Talks
  • Stage-2-Identification of the entrepreneur and training (EDPs, Workshops and B-Plan competitions)
  • Stage-3-Incubation and Start Up

Advisory Board

For effective implementation of the programmes an Advisory Board is constituted. The Advisory Board lays down policy guidelines and gives suggestions for the development of the cell. The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year.

Prof. (Dr.) Saroj kanta Misra,

Silicon Institute of Technology
Dr. Mahendra P. Agasty
Program Coordinator

Silicon Institute of Technology


Mr. N .G .Dhall
Trustee Member

Silicon Institute of Technology
Prof.(Dr.) Jaideep Talukadar

Silicon Institute of Technology
Mr. C .R. Pattnaik
Regional Coordinator

EDI, Bhubaneswar
Mr. J.B.Nayak
LDM, Khorda

Dr. R.N.Behera

Director Technical,NIC
Dr. S.K.Sahoo

Dy. Director, MSME-DI,Cuttack
Prof. Suresh C. Nayak

Silicon Institute of Technology
STL, Bhubaneswar
Dr. Janmejay Senapati

Silicon Institute of Technology
Prof.Tarini Charan Mishra

Silicon Institute of Technology
Prof. Ambarish Mohaptra

Silicon Institute of Technology
Prof Chittaranjan Mohapatra

Silicon Institute of Technology