Research Facilities

Analogue & Digital Circuits Lab
Study of Diode Characteristics and Transfer Characteristics, Active and Passive Devices. Transistor Characteristics, Circuit parameter analysis, Resonant, Transient Analysis. Amplifiers and Multivibrators, Study of different logic gates, Design and analysis of different combinational and sequential circuits.

Basic Electrical Engg. Lab

Speed control of dc motor, OCC of dc generator, armature and field resistance measurement of dc machine, connections of fluorescent light, Power measurement of RLC series circuit, testing of single-phase energy meter, fusing characteristics verification, Thevenins theorem verification. Starting of three-phase motor by DOL and star delta starter, power measurement by 3-ammeter.

Network & Devices Lab
DC transient of RL, RC and RLC series circuit, transformer as a couple circuit, frequency response of low pass, high pass and band pass active filter, determination of ABCD, Y, Z and h parameter, super-position-reciprocity-maximum power transfer theorem, frequency response of series RLC resonant circuit, AC transient of RL, RC and RLC series circuit.

Electrical & Electronics Measurement Lab

Calibration of energy meter, Power measurement of three-phase load by two-wattmeter, Kelvin's double bridge, inductance and capacitance measurement by bridges, hysteresis loop using CRO, Power measurement by CT & PT, inductance and capacitance measurement by Q- meter, Study of spectrum analyzer, calibration of ammeter and voltmeter by Crompton's potentiometer,

Energy Conversion & Devices Lab

Critical resistance and critical speed measurement of dc generator, starting of DC motor by 3-point starter, S.C and O.C test of transformer, load characteristics of three-phase motor, starting of single-phase motor, internal and external characteristics of DC generator, speed control of DC motor, polarity test and parallel operation of two transformers, S.C and O.C alternator, parameters of three-phase induction motor. Efficiency of DC machine by swinburn and break test, efficiency and voltage regulation by S.C and O.C test on single-phase transformer, parameter verification of three-phase motor by no load by block rotor test, critical speed and critical resistance of dc generator, speed control of dc motor, polarity test and parallel operation of two transformers, efficiency-torque-slip characteristics of three-phase motor by break test, external & internal characteristics of dc generator. Back to back test of two transformers, Efficiency of dc machine by Hopkinson test. Scott connections of two transformers, load characteristics of three-phase induction motor, OC & AC test of transformer, parallel operation of two transformers, synchronizing of three-phase alternator with infinite bus bar by dark and bright lamp method, OC & SC test of three-phase alternator, No load and load characteristics of dc generator, back to back test of two transformers, load test of DC generator, no load block rotor test on three-phase induction motor.

Power Electronics Lab

UJT triggering apply to single-phase half wave controlled rectifier, operation of single phase full bridge control rectifier for R and R-L load, output voltage waveform and circuit turn off time of half bridge series inverter, to draw output and thyristor voltage waveform of three-phase fully controlled rectifier with R & R-L load. Study of VI characteristics of SCR, operation of single-phase bridge inverter with sinousdial pulse width modulation, operation of cosine-firing angle, operation of cyclo-converter and plotting of output waveform, performance of step down dc chopper with PWM controller, operation of AC voltage controller

Control & Instrumentation Lab
DC speed control system and determination of transformer function of a permanent magnet dc motor, the study of two-phase AC servomotor and its transfer function parameters time response observation of second order process with P, PI, PID controller, resistance and capacitance measurement using bridges, plotting of displacement voltage characteristics of LVDT, frequency response of lag and lead compensator, study of dc position control system, temperature voltage characteristics of J-Type thermocouple, plotting of curve between strain applied to a beam and the output voltage by a strain gauge, resistance voltage characteristics of thyristors.