Campus Life Co-Ordination Committee(CCC)

Faculty co-ordinators:Dr.Janmejay senapati & Mr.B.B.Tripathy

The CCC is a body of Siliconite residents both from boys & girls residences. They are elected/selected by the residence committee members for co-coordinating the Extra curricular/Co-curricular activities to ensure a vibrant campus life. The detail events are as follows:

This was not an event to test ones singing talent but it was a pure fun game. Though musical sense and knowledge of music was a must for the participation.

This event consisted of a number of games which were to be completed in a time span of one minute. The motto is mainly to test the coordination of the team members, team sprite and presence of mind. The games provide cent per cent entertainment.

This event is only and only to test artistic sense of the participants and that too in a limited time span. This event is eagerly awaited by the girls.

This is one of the biggest and eagerly anticipated events organized by the CCC. This event demands talent that too with a musical sprit. There are a lot of expectations from the participating singers as the stage and level, both are big.

CCC gives a chance to the students to put up any food or game stall of their choice. The students enjoy a lot through these stalls during ‘ZYGON’ and cherish those enjoyable moments.

These classes are conducted for the 1st year students basically in subjects depending of the students. This class is to clarify the dough’s which students have and also to build concepts in them in a friendly atmosphere and make them feel free to ask any sort of question. These classes are taken by the seniors.

This tour is organized every year by the CCC. This gives students a chance to know the culture and tradition of our Culturally rich Orissa. It can also be called an official picnic. This trip provides enjoyment to the hilt.

Now a days, pollution and environmental degradation are major concerns all over the globe. Terra quiz was a quiz organized for hostelite to make them aware of the various environmental issues. International conferences, climate changes etc.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, CCC plans to make every hostelite feel at home. We celebrate together, enjoy together and dance together. What else there ‘DIWALI NIGHT’ which forces everyone to hit the dance floor.

On this holy occasion, we all celebrate with colours, make merry and then there is sweet distribution which is the icing on the cake.

A blood donation camp is organized every year in the month of March in association with Red Cross society. The motto is to encourage students to donate blood for noble cause for saving life.

It was a country side running for both boys and girls though the routes were different. They had to travel a path near about 10 km starting from silicon and complete the path reaching silicon and complete the path reaching silicon again.

The event was organized to test the aptitude and knowledge of the students in C programming. The event consisted of multiple choices 1st round and programming in 2nd round.

This event was organized on New Year’s Eve for the residence. We celebrate the occasion, have many games, cut the cake and make merry.

Sl. No Name of the Event Short Description
1 Residence Foundation day Official function starts at 6.00 pm. Function is Inaugurated by Director Academics. Residence annual report is presented by CCC. Prize distribution to winners. Cultural programme by the Residents. Special dinner at 9.30 pm.
2 Welcome meet with juniors by CCC CCC interacts with freshers & discuss about the role & objectives of CCC
3 Heritage tour (1st year) 65 boys & 67 girls visited Dhauligiri,Udayagiri,Khandagiri, Ligaraj temple, Iskon temple (7.45am to 12.30pm)
4 Heritage tour (2nd year) 68 boys & 51 girls visited Konark temple. (8.30am to 4.30pm)
5 Antakshari (1st year) 84students have participated in 1st round, after that 5 teams (3-member) were selected.
6 Lan gaming (Counter strike) 12 team , each consisting of 5 members have participated . Three prize winners were selected.
7 Mini Marathon Total participants were 120, & prize holders were boys-10 & girls-7
8 One minute game show 25 teams have participated (each of 4 member). Five prize winners.
9 Musical Chair & Diwali night Musical chair,passing the ball,fun gaming event & dance night on the occasion of Diwali. Special dinner was arranged.
10 45 second to fame 45-second to perform any special art by the students, 72 individual participants . (6.30pm to 9.00pm). Four winners.
11 Anthakshari(4th year) 6 teams were participated (6.30pm to 9.00om). Two teams got the prize.
12 Anthakshari(3rd year) 8 teams were participated (7.00pm to 9.00om). Two teams got the prize.
13 Terra quiz Quiz on pollution & environmental science, participants were 122. Five prizes.
14 One minute game show 81 participants. Six prizes.
15 New year celebration Distribution of sweets, cakes with cultural programmes followed by a special dinner.
16 Plantation/ Exhibition Around 150 plants with nearly 40 different varieties of plants were used in plantation.
17 Sports week Football, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Athletic meet etc. Thirty five prizes in total.
18 Holi celebration Sweets distribution by CCC, Cultural programme, Special lunch.
19 Rangoli compitition Four prize winners out of 17 participants from the girls Residence.
20 Prize distribution for 4th year A function was organized to distribute the prizes to the final year winners in different competition. Usually ED becomes the invited guest. Nearly forty prizes were given.
Sports Month
Heritage Tour
Food Carnival
Mehendi Competition
Test your Memory
Silicon Idol
Holy Celebration
Blood Donation Camp
Literacy Fortnight
Prom Night
Residents Exihibition
Residence Foundation Day
Welcome to juniors
Sports month Deewali celebration SPIC MACAY Silicon Chapter New year Celebration
  1. New Year Celebration-31st December
    • Sports Month-January
    • Indoor games
    • Football
    • Volleyball
  2. Heritage tour for 3rd year & 4th year-January 1st & 2nd week
  3. Antakshari for 2nd year & Grand Finale-January 3rd & 4th Week
  4. Food Carnival-During Annual Function
  5. Mehendi Competition- February 1st week
  6. C coding- February 2nd week
  7. Test your Memory- February 3rd week
  8. Sudoku- February 4th week
  9. Silicon Idol- February 3rd week to March 1st week
  10. Holi Celebrations- 1st March
  11. Blood Donation Camp-March 2nd week
  12. Literacy Fortnight- March 2nd week & 3rd week
    • Essay, Story & Poem writing
    • Handwriting & Reading Competition
    • Debate
    • Poster Presentation (on theme like pollution, tobacco free etc)
  13. Prom Night(Prize Distribution for 4th year)-March 4th week
  14. Residents Exhibition-30th & 31st July.
  15. Residence Foundation Day-31st July