Health is wealth, and it’s one of the most important aspects of campus life - We mean it. That’s why we make sure, the highest quality is maintained when it comes to food. Students avail healthy and hygienic food with a variety of national & international cuisines in the college Canteens and Cafeteria to cater to diversities. We do have our own Bakery and a Veg Canteen as well, where they can get food of their choice at reasonable prices.

We have got water purifiers and coolers installed throughout the campus and hostels to ensure germ-free clean drinking water 24x7. We are also one of the most beautiful eco-friendly clean campuses in Eastern Odisha with abundant greenery that’s a pleasure to the viewers’ eyes. Special care is being taken to maintain a clean and green environment with lots of plants (seasonal/perennial and flowering/non-flowering) that are prepared in our own nursery.

We provide medical facilities to the "residents" of Silicon to ensure they are in good health. Doctors (a lady & gent) pay a visit to the campus twice a week as a part of the regular check-up. For this, we only charge a nominal amount of the consulting fee (Rs.10/- only) and the rest are taken care of by the Institute itself. We do have our own ambulance, dedicated to medical emergencies.

Health Club & Gym:

Silicon has the best gym & fitness clubs in the city to promote a healthy lifestyle & wellness. The facility center in Silicon is well equipped with health clubs, high-tech gym, mediation hall, ultra modern audio-visual room, reading room, music club room, and indoor games for the all round development of students. These facilities are not limited to students only, members of Silicon as well as guests can take the advantage of them.

Yoga Center:

Yoga is not a fad or a passing trend. It is a rich, spiritual, and enlightening practice that enrich the mind, body, & soul. To honor the growing popularity of yoga and healthy living, we have our own dedicated yoga hall to get the best out of "Asana & Pranayama".