Milestones in the history of Silicon

The awe inspiring story of Silicon Institute of Technology in achieving the status of a no-nonsense academic institution where discipline is the key word started just over a decade back. The institution has made giant leaps both in educational excellence and industrial expertise during its short yet exciting journey. Navigating through the pages of Silicon’s diary from its humble beginning in 1997 to its ever growing shape in 2014 makes one stumble over many a milestone.

Silicon holds in its fold a blend of academic achievements, industrial participation, entrepreneurship development and success in activities which go beyond teaching. The cultural extravaganza conducted once a year has increased in glamour over the years. Equally worth mentioning is the participation in sports events which has added on both volume and appeal over time. Silicon has been host to a plethora of workshops, seminars and celebrations.

Academically sound students have year after year bagged gold medals at the University Examinations. Many of Silicon Alumni have been successful in All India Examinations such as GATE. Enthusiastic faculty members have had success in both academic pursuits and industrial collaboration. Here is a glimpse of the achievements of the Institute in multifarious activities as a centre for learning, as an active participant in industry as well as in nonacademic pursuits such as blood donation and tree plantation.


It was the summer of 1997 a group of technically qualified friends with extensive global exposure got together to realize their shared vision with clarity and purpose... their dream has come to be realized as an edifice of knowledge and success known as Silicon Institute of Technology.

With the vision ‘to become a center of excellence in the field of technical education and research’ energized with the mission of ‘to provide the best of technical skills, professional ethics and human values in enriching the disciplines of Science Engineering and Technology for Nation building’ Silicon Institute of Technology has remained Odisha's premier institution for technical education with an established track record for over more than a decade. While Silicon Bhubaneswar has the circuit branches of engineering, Silicon Sambalpur was added to the academic map of Odisha in the year 2009 with core engineering branches including civil, mechanical and electrical.

Silicon has been constantly improving and adapting to the needs of students through pedagogical innovations and technological support in their relentless endeavour to prepare students to venture into their next enterprise, be it the corporate world or higher institutions of learning. Team Silicon aims to nurture young minds through creative leadership and a culture of teamwork to excel in Teaching and beyond.

Silicon Institute of Technology has two campuses one in Bhubaneswar and the other in Sambalpur. While the Bhubaneswar campus is sprawling over 18.5 acres the Sambalpur campus boasts of nearly 30 acres of lush greenery. Silicon Institute of Technology offers a tranquil environment for learning, far from the madding crowd, making it, an ideal place for academic pursuits.