Silicon Central Library

The Silicon library is housed in a large hall of 17000 sq.ft. and is the centre of intellectual activities. It receives special attention and importance in the scheme of development of the institute. It has well over 60800+ books and subscribes to many important journals, national and international. The library remains open throughout the week. Students can issue books from the library under three different schemes. They are (a) Regular issue, (b) Book Bank issue and (c) Overnight issue. In addition to that Silicon has formed a privileged group known as Scholars Club and Campus Connect. The members of Scholars Club can issue additional books from the library depending on the availability. There is a reference section for faculty members and students for internal reading only. The total collection in the reference section is over 5000+ books. The library provides non-book materials like CDs, DVDs and e-journals. The library subscribes to more than 60 different journals and magazines. It has a sitting cubicle capacity of 216 at a time.

Rules And Regulations :

The Library provides book borrowing facility to its users.
Borrowing Privileges

  • a) Faculty Members:
  • : 10 Books for one semester
  • b) Other Staff Members:
  • : 5 Books for one semester
  • c) Students :
  • : Fortnight Issue - 2 books - for 14 days
  • : Book Bank issue - 7 books - for one semester
  • : Night issue - 1 book - for one night
  • : Scholars Club - 2 books for 14 days
  • : GATE Enrolled - 2 books for 14 days
  • : Reference - 3 books for one day (to be referred inside the library reading rook)
  • : CDs / DVDs - 2 for one day
  • Reading Room Facility :
  • - Library reading room can accommodate 450 users at a time.
  • : Special cubicles are arranged for focused study
  • : Discussion rooms are available for collaborative study