When it comes to placement Silicon is simply two steps ahead of others. Since our inception, we have an impeccable record in campus placement, making dreams come true. Silicon always has been the most sought after talent hunting hub for top companies in the world as it delivers industry-ready students who have the talent & ability to do something.
We provide the much needed technical skills, professional ethics, and human values through the support of all our stakeholders; Industries being one of them! A well-organized training & placement team streamlines the recruitment process & students get the jobs of their dreams. We are also committed to creating an advanced professional learning center of international standards, where quest of knowledge and excellence will reign supreme, irrespective of the language, caste, culture, and religion.
The great Institution takes the pride for its students’ achievements and the Quality of education they get here. You can take a glimpse of our Students’ achievement through the years by clicking on this link. The kind of professional and academic exposure they avail here, make them stand out among millions. The best thing is, students get the freedom to make conscious decisions about their profession based on their interest and not merely by following the bandwagon.

Every year a class of jewels turn out with a passion for excellence to achieve big as Technology Professionals. They carve out their future in chosen domains. The Institution facilitates their learning, reasoning, decision, vision, and achievement, help transform them into professionals of the 21st century. The course of study is well supported by the robust coursework through workshops, seminars, industrial exposure, and paper presentation, mentoring for higher studies, research, entrepreneurship, and employment.

Our leadership programs and professional training make them industry ready, so that they can take on the future responsibilities with honour and excellence! The students pride themselves of being independent, innovative, and abreast with the technology trends. With deep involvement in project work, research publications, technical experimentation and certification trainings, our students have chosen to dedicate time for sports, cultural and humanitarian causes. This has made Silicon Institute of Technology a space for learning, achieving, and contributing to the society at large and in a holistic manner.

By the time our students complete their professional programme, they are ready to take on the real professional world with valour. In this transmigration they get support from one of the key departments; the INDUSTRY INTERFACE CELL (II Cell) – a team that links them to the Industries they would be best suited for.

Our Mission:

  • Creating ingenious minds, not the robots.
  • Giving industries their future.
  • Imparting value based education and imbibing skill for solving real world problems.
  • Developing leadership qualities with futuristic vision.