Host-Yourself ( H Y)


This is a short term training course on HTML. It has been designed for anybody who requires an introduction to the basic building block of web sites, normally those involved in the construct or maintenance of internet or intranet web sites. With the ever increasing interest and dependency of web orientated business, a working knowledge of Hyper Text Mark-up Language is becoming an essential IT skill.


* After the course a student should be able to construct their own web site in HTML.

* S/he will understand and be able to build, all the standard elements of a web site.

* The course includes principles of good web site design and professional coding standards.

Who Should Attend?

Any student who has taken admission in +2Sc/12th .


* A basic understanding of Windows and any web browser will be beneficial.

* A student does not need any previous experience of HTML, web page construction or any other programming.


The course contains details on the following area:

Browsers: - How common web browsers can view and generate HTML.

HTML Structure: - The layout rules and general philosophy of HTML and tags.

Text Styling: - All the tags use to manipulate text including headings and lists.

Pictures: - An understanding of image types and display attributes.

Tables: - How and why we need to create complex HTML tables.

Hyperlink: - The concept and construction of hyperlinks & anchors.

Forms: - The layout of form elements and all input types. (optional)

Frames: - How to display several HTML files at once.

Generators: - How industry standard software can create HTML files.

Program Schedule:

Event Name


Registration 09:00AM- 10:00AM
Training and Hands on 10:00AM-12:30PM
Lunch 12:30PM-01:30PM
Test 01:30PM-02:30PM
Result Declaration & Felicitation 03:00PM-03:20PM

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