Electricity is the flow of energy carried by the movement of electrons dislodged from atoms. To know about the energy flow, generation and dissipation/consumption in a circuit its important to compute the various parameters such as voltage, current & power of each element in the given circuit. Two basic laws governs the characteristics of an electric circuit. When the circuit become more complex in nature by conventional computation its impossible to analyse the circuit variables. There computer supported tools/ programs play a great role in solving such circuit problems. SPICE is a computer program designed to simulate analog electronic circuits. Its original intent was for the development of integrated circuits, from which it derived its name: Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. Integrated circuits, unlike board-level designs composed of discrete parts, are impossible to breadboard before manufacture. Simulating the circuit with SPICE is the industry-standard way to verify circuit operation at the transistor level before committing to manufacturing an integrated circuit.

This workshop will emphasize on how to simulate an electric circuit which contains both linear as well as non linear elements. The participants will get an exposure to solve a circuit (Both Electrical & Electronics) and verify the results through simulation using PSpice software. At the end of the workshop the students will be provided with the software (students version) and subject materials in soft copy)

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Registration 09:00AM- 10:00AM
Training and Hands on 10:00AM-12:30PM
Lunch 12:30PM-01:30PM
Test 01:30PM-02:30PM
Result Declaration & Felicitation 03:00PM-03:20PM

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