Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of educationists, technocrats and representatives of the affiliating University. The Governing Body members are intellectually sound and are dedicated to the cause of the society. The Governing Body meets twice a year to frame policies and monitor its implementation. The body is known for its progressive attitude and actions.
The Governing Body members for the present:

Mr Nitai Gaur Dhall Chairperson GB, SIT BBSR
Mr Sanjeev Nayak Trustee, SET
Mr Ramananda Mishra Trustee, SET
Mr Shiv Kumar Agarwal Trustee, SET
Prof B.K.Das Educationist
Prof Omkar Nath Mohanty Educationist, Director Technology & Academic Initiative, RSB Group Pune
Prof D.K.Tripathy Educationist, Pro-VC, KIIT University
Prof Aditya P. Padhi Educationist, Former VC, Member EC, NAAC
Mr Mrityunjay Agarwal Staff Representative
Prof P.K.Mishra Secretary GB, Director, Silicon West