Basic Sciences and Humanities (BSH)

The Department of BSH at Silicon is a melting pot of pure sciences and human engineering. Keeping in view the rudimentary requirements of engineering aspirants, it endeavours to foster the basic principles of sciences on which the structure of engineering studies depend. Moreover, it aims to achieve communicative competence, human values, professional ethics, market research and employability in the students. It comprises the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics and Management. On one hand the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry strive to advance the students with latest research and updates in the arena of sciences whereas the disciplines of English, Economics and Management endeavour to shape the communication skills, business ethics and personality of students and groom them with the needs of contemporary competitive market. The department embodies vibrant intellectuals as its members of faculty that accelerates the growth of a healthy academic environment in the institute campus.

Head of the Department :
Dr.Tyagraj Thakur
Email :