"Silicon Sports Club" manages and organizes all the sports activities of Silicon West. It ensures various facilities like gym(separate for boys and girls), Basketball court,Badminton court(inside boys and girls hostel), Table Tennis room, Cricket ground, Football ground, Concrete cricket pitch for net practice, Volley ball court etc. are in proper operational order. Some venues are equipped with flood lights so that students can play these sports during night time. To make the best use of these facilities, "Silicon Sports Club" has a dedicated and experienced sports teacher who guides our students throughout the year. More interestingly, once in every year "Silicon Sports Club" organizes its Annual Athletic Meet having more than twenty different events where our students get a platform to show their talents. "Silicon Sports Club" always ensures a vibrant campus life and provides the facilities to all the students to keep themselves fit.

The aim of the programming club is to create a platform which allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their coding ability.
Programming Club Aims:
• To improve the Coding skill of its members in implementing algorithms using programming languages such as C, C++ and Java.
• To connect members with programming events and competitions
• To host computer science based programming competitions in our institute.
• To provide a forum for the discussion of theory and applications of algorithms.
Activities /events:
• Programming competitions
• Web development projects.
• Lecture series on algorithms, data structure, project development, etc.
• Technical Talks
The mission of Silicon Robotics club is to provide our students a place to pursue their interest in robotics by working on high-impact, large-scale robotics projects and competitions. The Club offers indispensible guidance,workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipment and components. From the past 8 years we engage our students with active participation in various workshops, contests and tutorials to develop and foster their interest in Robotics.

Vision of Scholars Club:-
Excellence implies the quality of being very good, distinguished and outstanding. Silicon Institute of Technology West, Sambalpur being an academic institution of eminence dealing with higher education would have this quality in abundant measure in the main spheres of their activity, namely, teaching and research. Its brand value enables it to attract people and illustrious faculty and students. Its academic programs are relevant, varied and challenging. This is especially true for institutions dealing with science and technology.
Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur drives academic excellence through scholarships and fellowships that inspire outstanding achievement and reward students’ extraordinary commitment and hard work. Merit- based scholarships enable Siliconites to explore new frontiers in their field of study.
• Special lecture class arrangement for improvement of technical education for students.
• Regular conduct of meeting (before beginning of a semester/session).
• Arrangement of doubt clearing classes after college hours.
Eligibility criteria for the student members of scholars club:-
• Should have secured 90% attendance.
• Should have a CGPA 8.0 or more.
• Shouldn’t have any disciplinary actions taken against him/her.
• Must have good conduct and behaviour.
• Members will continue if and only if he/she satisfies the above criterion every year.
Facility provided to Scholars club members:-
• The library will be informed to issue extra books to the student members of scholar club.
• Gold band I-card is to be provided.
• Scholarship will be provided to the students securing CGPA of 8.5 or above and first position in the respective branch.
The Music Club is a place where students come to jam, learn and make music of different flavours. ‘’Silicon Music Club" manages and organizes all the cultural activities of Silicon West. The club conducts a variety of activities throughout the year ranging from grand intra-campus shows to fierce musical competitions like song, dance, ramp shows etc. The club has constantly been involved in creating new compositions under the stage name 'Zreyas'. The music club aims at exploring hidden talents of Siliconites.