The entire 54 acre College campus including Boys Hostel, Ladies Hostel, Staff Quarter and various academic buildings are 24 X 7 Wi -Fi connected with 4 Mbps leased line. Student, staff and faculty members are successfully utilizing this facility. The college has its own library supported by thousand of volumes of books, software, computer related technical books, periodicals and journals. The College has more than 180 computers out of which there exists a Central Computing facility having 70 Computers with Linux/ Windows LAN connectivity through Servers. Laboratories having Software as per University course curriculum like C/C++, Java, Matlab , databases like RDBMS/Oracle,SQL and networking like network simulator. The college has Internet connectivity from AIRTEL of 4 Mbps (1:1) leased line for uplink and downlink and100 Mbps connectivity .The department has well equipped laboratories

C Programming Lab :
This lab has the accommodation facility for 34 students at a time. Studies of programming in "c" are provided here. The Lab has 34 Wipro P IV PCs.

Data Structure using C Lab :
Having a capacity for 34 students it provides facilities for the study of data structure using C. The Lab has 34 Wipro P IV PCs.

JAVA & SE Lab : A 38 seated lab has the facilities for study on Java and Software Engineering etc
DAA & Research Lab
The 38 seated lab has the facilities for the studies like "C", "C++", java, VB, oracle, Internet etc. The lab is well equipped to handle the requirements of the students for their project assignments.
CAO and Networking Lab :
The lab has facilities like study of SMPS, Monitor, Keyboard, mouse, motherboard, assembling, dissembling etc. Study of Ethernet, establishment of LAN, Study of Switch, repeater, router, bridge, study of guided and unguided media (twisted pair), IP Address and Subnet mask. Other than various trainers, the Lab has 44 Wipro P IV PCs.